southern exposure

A Vase of Sunshine; casein tempera on panel; 10" x 8"

The light pouring in from the south-facing window was irresistible when playing on these daffodils. 

Today, I'll paint the same flowers next to a north-facing window.  I have no idea what objects will gravitate into the scene.  We'll have to wait and see.


Jan said...

Yaaaaaay! Daffodils! Spring is surely around the corner! Actually, we were in the 60's off and on this past week. Rain today but still warmer than it could be so can't complain.

Anyway, like this painting - like the light the most but also the brightness of the daffies and the objects used around the vase. Sometimes I think casein can look too drab - maybe because of it's flatness but whatever the reason, I do like to see lots of light and bright colors.

Mary Klein said...

60 degrees - I have a faint memory of what that feels like :) We're excited for a high of 40 this Wednesday - woot!

Glad you like this piece. I tried setting up the daffodils in north light but realized they're getting a little long in the tooth. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to 'cook' them in the sun for two days. I may run to Trader Joe's to get some more. They're the best place around here for cut flowers and daffodils aren't that expensive.

Enjoy your 60 degree weather - spring is on the way!

Jan said...

Ha Ha, it was 72.2 degrees today and we have daffodils just shy of blooming - wish I could send you some.

As a matter of fact, check out my blog as we have all kinds of flowers either in bloom or almost blooming!

But since I can't send any flowers to you, hope you found some at Trader Joes as I'm looking forward to your next painting!