high key

Pattern Pieces; casein on panel; 10" x 8"

I love painting satin ribbons - and noticing all of the incredible shapes, edges and colors - endlessly fascinating.

I also love to sew and had a chance to dust off my Singer hand-crank today.  It's freshly oiled now with a new bobbin wound - and it's sewing like a charm.  The project today was a canvas cover for my sketchbook with pockets and a flap for my fountain pen and pencils.  It's nothing fancy but does its job well.  Now to reinvigorate my daily sketching habit.


Jan said...

No wonder you like painting satin ribbon - you do it beautifully. It surprises me that the ribbon can look so shiny in casein!

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Jan! Casein has such a wonderful matte finish - it is surprising to get glossy effects with it. But if you’re faithful to what you see before you, you’ll amaze yourself with what casein can do.

On a side note, my booklet shipped today - I’ll write a post about it when it arrives - complete with pictures 👩‍🎨