self publishing

on the easel - in progress; casein on board; 10" x 8"

One booklet, titled CASEIN FINE ART PAINTING: 7 steps to express your vision, is on its way here.  I used Blurb - which in turn utilizes Bookify.  It was an amazingly slick process and I'm very excited to see the hard copy.  I proofread it many times and so did my partner - but I have a feeling, when I hold the real thing in my hands, I'll see little things here and there that I may want to change.  If that's the case, it's easy to go back in and edit and then order more copies.  Once I'm super satisfied, I'll order a quantity of them to offer you all.  For now though, one will do.  I'm hoping it will be something I'll want to bring to Cincinnati to share with new friends at the American Impressionist Society's event in a couple of weeks.

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Jan said...

You must be sooooo excited. I'm looking forward to seeing it! I'm sure it will be perfect.