on ice

Ice Out; casein on panel; 8" x 10"

Another plein air today - done completely outside.  I just added the signature inside when I got back to the studio.

This was on Holland Lake in Eagan, Minnesota.  There is a year-round dock there jutting out into the lake with a railed deck at the end of it.  So while it may look like I was on thin ice, I was actually quite safe and dry.

This was one of those paintings that was a complete mystery to me until I got it to the studio and could look at it under indoor lights.  The snow blindness was a danger today.  It was very disorienting and difficult to paint.  Much to my surprise, I'm very happy with the results.  But next time, I'll bring sunscreen.


D Gilbert said...

Happy Saint Patrick's day! ..and Ilike the touch of future green in the picture. We can all be Irish today (whatever that means)!

Jan said...

I like this even if I usually don't like paintings of snow and cold! But it's so difficult to believe you were actually out in it trying to paint!

Mary Klein said...

Thanks, David - Happy St. Pat's Day to you too!

Jan, you're so kind to comment on my 'cold' paintings :) It actually was very nice out - close to 50. Lots of folks were in light jackets and no hats. For me, though, I kept bundled up. When you're out on a lake standing in one spot for an hour you tend to need more layers.

Thanks so much for your comments, guys - you help keep me going!