bungee cords

Stored Paintings and Panels
The bungee cords work very well to provide some vertical support to the paintings and panels.  With casein there's no need to have a vertical support for every painting.  It dries so quickly there's no risk of two paintings sticking together.  However, it's important to provide some support so they're not packed in too tightly. 

This new system is a big improvement from storing them in boxes.  It makes for an attractive display too when folks come for studio visits.

Next up on my organizing spree is to decide what to do with the bulletin board you see peeking out on the right.  Yesterday I cleared it from any non-studio-related items.  That didn't leave very much.  So either figure out what to put there, use it as a tack-able surface to drape cloths for still life backgrounds or move it to storage. 

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