making space

 January is a good time to reassess things.  It's got me thinking about making space and all of the different ways an artist needs to clear a path in order to create.  All sorts of things can get in the way of studio time and unless you're ever vigilant, they will tend to creep in and take over.  Negative self-talk, toxic relationships, clutter, social media, disorganization, lack of sufficient supplies on hand and unhealthy habits can all get in your way and rob you of precious time making your art. 

IKEA Billy Bookcase being transformed into an art storage case

Yesterday, in an attempt to eliminate some clutter here, I bought an IKEA Billy bookcase.  I've bought them before so I knew what I was getting into.  They're a great utilitarian bookcase - not bad-looking and very affordable.  They're also easy to transport as they come neatly boxed from the store.  I bought my latest one with the intention of drilling 42 holes in it - in which to thread a very long length of bungee cord.  What I'll end up with are 6 shelves with 3 sets of vertical bungee cords to act as supports for my paintings.  The system will protect my finished paintings and unpainted-toned panels - and keep them nicely organized for easier access.  Tomorrow I'll post a photo of it all set up so you can see the final result.

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