gallery talk

Gamut Gallery in Minneapolis - audience filing in just before the panel discussion

I had the pleasure last night of attending Gamut Gallery's panel discussion - Collector Talk: Buying & Selling Art in the Twin Cities.  Doug Flanders, Herman Milligan, Jade Patrick, Marco Suemnick and Kristi Abbot were on the panel.  It was a rich evening of varied perspectives - that of the gallery owner, art consultant, artist and collector.  I came away inspired to keep on painting, to continue my search for the perfect gallery to represent my work - and to keep on wearing my new-coral-pink beret.

On the wall: Seeing Voices - a solo exhibition by the artist Jane Wunrow


Olga Norris said...

A coral pink beret sounds delightful! I'm glad that you feel encouraged to continue - such evenings are such a glorious boost to self confidence. Good luck with the search for a gallery. I believe that feeling positive is almost halfway there.

Mary Klein said...

Thank you, Olga - for your always kind wishes!

It's funny, but my new hat seems to have magical powers. The gallery talk was one thing - but the confidence imbued by my topper was another. I love that there's a public record of it too. One always wonders, with people taking photos left and right now-a-days, what all those ubiquitous cameras capture.

Elena Mitivier made my beret to my specifications. She worked amazingly fast - I got it within a week of placing my order. And it not only looks good, it feels fantastic - and is oh-so-warm.

So, yes, I am feeling positive even though I've been getting my share of rejections lately. But I've also been getting some nice acceptances that buoy my spirits. I'm quite introverted and it's a challenge for me to put myself forward. Hence these numerous non-face-to-face blog posts :) And yet, it does get easier as I get older - and I sense that time is of the essence to bring my work to the public.

Thank you again, Olga - so kind of you to comment.

Jan said...

The coral pink beret is a great identifier as well as very flattering. Of course, every artist should wear one, right?

I have no doubt that you'll find the right gallery soon. At least you seem to have a variety of options!

Mary Klein said...

Thank you for your confidence, Jan!

With lots of options comes many other artists vying for attention. In the end, though, we all bring something unique to the table. As long as we aren't being derivative - aren't trying to be something we're not - we'll eventually find our place. That's what I keep repeating to myself anyway :)