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sketch book notes on framing - 6B and colored pencils

Here's another framing idea - albeit a rough one.  I've ordered a 13" x 15" frame from Franken Frames (they were recommended by an artist friend) and am planning to use it to frame an 8" x 10" painting.  The extra space will be filled in by a linen backing board and the painting will be attached in the center with magnets.  I've done this before with oil paintings and I love the linen-liner-look effect.  It's got a mid-century modern feel that should fit well with that style of home - and many others.

Above you can see some sketches I made so I'd have an idea of how the proportions might look.  The 13" x 15" looked more balanced in the sketch so I'm trying that first.  Tonight I'll make a template for the magnets so that they'll be carefully placed and uniform.  That way I can switch out paintings if need be.  I'm going to try the silicone adhesive on the magnets.  In the past I used a glue gun which worked well.  But I'm hoping the silicone will be even stronger and it will certainly be easier to remove in case that should ever be needed.

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Jan said...

What a great idea! Am looking forward to seeing how this works for you. Your careful planning indicates that it should be perfect though.