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panel floating frame front and back

Here's a photo showing the front and back of the panel floating frame discussed in the previous post.  What you're seeing is a 9" x 11" panel framed within a simple flat frame.  The panel is black and has a pebbly satin finish.

To frame an 8" x 10" painting, you simply adhere it to the middle of the 9" x 11" panel.  You can use Velcro, wood glue or silicone adhesive.  To make sure it's centered, it helps to have handy strips of cardboard to place all around the edges of the painting - which are later removed after the adhesive sets. 

Here's a video from MetroFrame.com that I found very helpful: Attaching Paintings to Panel Frames

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Jan said...

Thanks for the link, Mary. I'll check it out for sure.

As for your comment in a previous post about having to paint - I feel the same. Otherwise I would have given up on it a long time ago!