many peppers

Mini Peppers - as of 3/5/2018; casein on panel; 8" x 10"

Started and finished tonight - now off to bed - goodnight.
Mini Peppers; casein on panel; 8" x 10"
edited: Apparently, Mini Peppers wasn't finished Monday.  Last night, while painting a still life with a sewing scissors, I added a red line next to the lower left edge of the table cloth.  That edge had gotten out of whack when I added a lighter key there to help round the edge of the cloth.  At the time, I knew there were variations in the line due to the cloth - so I tried to push the skewed line out of my mind.  But it kept nagging at me - until I "red-lined" it.  Feeling better now.


Jan said...

Show off! I seldom get to start and finish even a simple painting in such a short time. And to have it come out so well at that! Well done!

Mary Klein said...

😁 Yes, but I was too pooped to write anything!

Also, it helps to paint small. A 9 x 12 is 25% larger in area than an 8 x 10. You can really feel the difference - especially with casein.